The Iconic Sex Shop of Australia

on September 11, 2023

What makes us the most iconic sex shop in Australia?

Discover what makes Condom Kingdom great below ⬇️

Condom Kingdom Australia - Best Sex shop in Australia

1. We have been around for 30 years. 

Ever had a question you were too uncomfortable to ask? Well we have heard it. When you speak about sex every day it becomes the norm, so there is no question too big or little we haven't heard. If you have a question about how to use your sex toy, how to find your first orgasm, or how to explore new pleasures with your partner - ask away!  You can speak to any of our team in store, text or call us, or email us with any of your questions. 


 Condoms from Condom Kingdom the best sex store in Australia


2. We make sex store shopping fun. 

Unlike many other sex shops in Australia, our store is vibrant and fun. We understand that buying any adult toys can be a vulnerable experience, and so, to take the edge of what can be an intimidating experience, we have filled 80% of our store with joke gifts, gags, naughty adult humour and more. Shop a range of our favourite T-shirts here, which are well and truly inappropriate. 


Vibrators best sex shop Australia for adult toys


3. The best range of Vibrators, Fleshlights, Masturbators and more

Condom Kingdom has done all the hard work for you and selected all the best vibrators, male flesh lights, butt plugs, dildos and lubes for the best prices. We understand that the world of buying adult toys can be overwhelming with so many designs to choose from, but we have selected the best reviewed products so you don't have to stress when buying a sex toy! 


Australian Sex shops


4. Australian Owned and independent store

 This store has been owned and operated independently for over 30 years! That means every dollar you spend with us is supporting the Australian economy and all of our beautiful staff that help run our business. It also means that we independently stock and search for the products you request from us, which means we will always be carrying items that are more unique and that you may not find anywhere else. 


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