What is the average penis size? Asking for a friend

on January 27, 2022
How is it that every male knows the size of their penis as if it were an accompanying detail on their drivers license? And why do 45% of men think they have a small penis? We asked around while finding real world study’s in the process. All for science.

What is the average penis size? Art by Rinee Shah
Art by Rinee Shah

Some perspective

A male will spend on average 70 minutes per week watching porn. That’s over 65 hours a year. So if during that time you’re comparing the size of your penis to those who perform in front of the camera, you could be doing yourself a disservice. Whilst the average worldwide penis size (erect) is 13.12cm, an average erect penis in the porn industry measures in at around 17.75cm.

Countries of Origin

Without any racial stereotyping, let's look at the average penis sizes by country from world data.

The top 3 countries with the largest penis sizes were

  1. Ecuador, 17.61cm (6.93inches)
  2. Cameroon, 16.67cm (6.56inches)
  3. Bolivia, 16.51cm (6.5inches)
Australia came in at #43 out of the 88 country’s surveyed with 14.46cm (5.69inches)

And the 3 lowest scoring averages were

  1. Cambodia 10.04cm (3.94inches)
  2. Burma 10.70cm (4.21inches)
  3. Taiwan 10.78cm (4.24inches)
Average Sized Dick
Art by Drennon Davis

What your partner prefers

As expected, the ideal size will vary from person to person. But while 45% of men may think their penis is smaller than average, 85% of women claim that they are satisfied with their partners size. What can you do? Keep your body fat % at a healthy level. Because without that ‘fat pad’ above your penis, visually it will already look bigger.


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