5 Best-Selling Women's Vibrators For Your Christmas Wishlist

on May 21, 2024
Top 5 Best Selling Vibrators for Women of all time as seen on Tik Tok

Vibrators that you'll want to put on your Christmas list 

Are you struggling to figure out what to buy the woman in your life? Or wanting to invest in a toy for yourself and can't figure out which one is for you?

Discover our best selling vibrators for women, with options available in every price range. Browse our range of vibrators, or learn more below.

1. A Bullet Vibrator 

Everyone needs a bullet vibrator. If you don't have one or your partner doesn't own one, then this is the perfect gift. Small, powerful and uncomplicated, these little bullets are perfect to play alone or use as an addition with your partner for extra stimulation. 


Diamond Princess Vibrator Bullet Vibrator 

Diamond Princess Bullet Vibrator is a great beginner toy. It is low budget so you can see if you like with out spending too much. Shop now, click here. 

Playboy Bullet Vibrator 

Playboy Bullet Vibrator is for someone who wants to invest in a high quality toy that is both waterproof and rechargeable. Shop now, click here. 

2. A Wand vibrator 

These vibrators are great for clitoral stimulation and body massage. Perfect for people who like a more fuller vulva coverage for stimulation. 

Playboy Royal Mini Wand Vibrator

Royal Mini Wand is a great option for wand stimulation but in a tiny compact form. Shop now, click here. 

Michael Heat up Wand Vibrator Pretty Love 

Michael Heat Up Wand is a classic wand style that heats up to 48 degrees giving you even more pleasure and stimulation. Shop now, click here


3. A Suction Vibrator 

Without doubt one of the most popular selling vibrators in the past 4 years, these vibrators suck on the clit pulling the blood to the surface and sending waves of pleasure throughout your body. 

Mini Clitoral Suction Vibrator

Mini Clit Suction Toy is the perfect beginner toy if you are not sure this vibrator or sensation is right for you. Shop now, click here.

Rose Suction Vibrator as seen on Tik Tok Best selling Vibrators

Rose Suction Vibrator, if you like your vibrators to look pretty like flowers, then this is the toy for you. Shop now, click here.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Suction Toy best selling toy on tik tok Condom Kingdom

Satisfyer Pro 2 is fully waterproof with 11 play options to explore as well as being rechargeableShop now, click here.


4. A Rabbit Vibrator 

Think Sex and the City, this Rabbit Vibrator style launched to fame with the help of Carrie Bradshaw. Enjoy both clitoral stimulation as well as internal stimulation for the perfect blended orgasm. 

Hunter Rabbit Vibrator 

Hunter Rabbit Vibrator, is a more affordable option for dual stimulation. With fluttery rabbit ears to stimulate the clit, a thrusting shaft as well as being fully waterproof and rechargeable. Shop now, click here.

Hop To It Playboy Rabbit Vibrator 

Hop To It Rabbit Vibrator is the ultimate stimulation with a shaft that runs ribs of pleasure up and down the internal walls with fluttery rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation. Waterproof, rechargeable and with a 5 year warranty. Shop now, click here.


5. A Pantie Vibrator 

Want to take your toys and games outside? These little pantie vibrators are discreet, naughty and add a sense of excitement to your foreplay. 

Jessica Pretty Love Panty Vibrator

Jessica Ribbed Pantie Vibrator with Remote is a fun internal option for players that want to go to a bar or club and explore 12 different stimulations. Shop now, click here.

Satisfyer Secret Panty Vibrator for discreet public play 

Sexy Secret Panty Vibrator is the perfect clitoral stimulator that magnets onto whatever underwear you are wearing. This one comes with an app making it perfect for discreet couple play.  Shop now, click here.


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