Customise Your T-Shirt Online

on November 15, 2023

Customised tshirt online with Condom Kingdom Express Printing tees

Customise Your T-Shirt Online Now  

Are you looking to make some bespoke and truly iconic T-Shirt designs to gift your friends with? Look no further. 

Think Bucks Party 'if found call this number' with a photo of your drunkest mate. Or Happy Birthday T-Shirts with a photo of your friend. Get creative with a printed nude on a tee for your partner, or not creative with a blatant dick pic (we've seen it all). Design your own memes on a tshirt or create a drinking game you can wear to the pub. These are some of our favourite customised tshirt online ideas to help you get started. 

How to Create a customised tshirt online with our Condom Kingdom Express Tshirt designer


 How to Customise a T-shirt

Customised tshirts online are easy with our inbuilt t-shirt graphic designer.

Read the step by step guide below for you to make your own design and start creating your own customised tshirt.

Ghost emoji

1. Choose between White or Black
T-Shirt options 

For your customised tshirt, click "CUSTOMISE YOUR TSHIRT" in our navigation and choose between a white t-shirt or a black t-shirt. All shirts are 100% cotton and are a standard block T-shirt cut which is the most common fit and shape. 

 Customised t-shirt choose between a White and Black T-Shirt

Choose your Size before your start designing your shirt for your customised T-Shirt

2. Choose your T-Shirt Size 

For your customised tshirt, choose your tshirt size. All our t-shirts are a standard fit and size. If you are unsure what size you are, the easiest thing to do is go find a t-shirt in your wardrobe and look at what the tag says. We carry sizes Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Double XL and Triple XL. 

If you need to double check your size, check our size guide! You can measure across the front of your chest to match the right t-shirt size for you.  

Click customise your design to start designing your tshirt online

3. Click 'Customise Your Design' Button

Once you have chosen your size, click the 'customise your design' button to go to the t-shirt customisation page. 

Choose your front or back tshirt to design your tshirt design on

4. Choose Front or Back design layout

For your customised tshirt choose if you want to design on the front of the t-shirt or the back of the tee. Or design on both sides. 

Use your text and image upload options to create a customised tshirt online

5. Upload an image or add text!

Upload an image straight from your phone or use one from the internet. Our design platform will warn you that your image is not at a high resolution, but don't worry, if it's a photo from your phone, it will print just fine, so ignore this warning. 

How to check the image size for a photo for a tshirt design

If you are using a photo from the internet check its size in the corner of the google image selection. Aim to have these numbers above 800 px to ensure your print looks good. 

You can use jpegs or pngs. 

Add text via the easy text add function, choose your colour and size and font.
If you are a design wizard you can export text from another platform as a png and upload it as an image if you wanted more control over the look of it. 

put your customised tshirt in your cart and check out

6. Click add to cart & check out!

Your customised tshirt you made online is done. Click check out and watch as it gets delivered to your doorstep. 




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